Sweetwater Restaurant Information
Hey!! How do I get to the cozy cabin called Sweetwater?

We're one block off the famous 
Town Square in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

85 South King Street
Corner of King and Pearl

Follow Broadway though the town square and make a right onto
South King Street.
We're at the next corner.

Sending us something by
snail-mail? Send it here...
Post Office Box 3271
Jackson, WY. 83001-3271

Call us if you're lost.
We'll be glad to come get you!!

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A word about social websites - We at Sweetwater Restaurant have joined the digital revolution and have listed on several reputable sites to help get the word out about the legendary dishes and service we offer.
We are also on several user-operated review sites of which we are very proud to be included. Keep in mind that these sites are open to anyone with an opinion and an internet connection. The best way to find out about
Sweetwater Restaurant is to experience us for yourself. Come in. Sit a while. Enjoy one or several menu items. Chat with us. Take a look around. And then, form your own opinion and share it however you wish. If there is something we're doing great, let us know. If there is something we can work on, by all means, tell us then and we'll fix it right away.

We're proud of our generational reputation here at Sweetwater Restaurant..
We'd love you to be a part of it.

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